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      12 Stokes Ave, Asquith NSW 2077, Australia

      Free Call: (02) 9678 8126

      ทดลองใช้ฟรี คาสิโนฟรีไม่มีเงินฝาก

      When I started my videogame-themed bedroom sets, I had no idea what to call it, so Bugger All seemed to fit.

      My main thing is quilt covers, but I've expanded to include a whole range of bedroom items, and I'm actually really proud of myself for doing it. You wouldn't think that gamers were in to matching bedroom sets -a lot of people told me the business would fail, but I really liked making them all anyway, so it's really just a hobby that I managed to monetize.


      I think the reason I started all this was because I really loved drawing, and I did a lot of screen-printing at art school. I didn't do so well at art school because I was addicted to gaming, so it's funny how things work out. My teachers did what they could, but I really had to want to stop gaming, and I just never did, so it seems fitting that I got in to game art. I've always been a really good drawer, and the monsters in my games are works of art that I've always admired. I now draw my own monsters and print them on to bed sheets.


      With growing interest in my game-themed sheets and bedding, I've had surprisingly little time to play games, which isn't so good because it's where I get all my inspiration from. I think I have to hire someone else to do the printing for me - there's not enough time in the day.

      While I really love designing my characters, I'm most proud of my doona covers. I think they really show who I am as an artist and designer, and I just love seeing all my work on such a large scale, and as something that's so functional. They look really great blown-up and spread out on the bed.


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